All Chipmunks are invited to a gathering at Old Warden on Saturday 22 May 2021

plus pilots - old and new • owners • operators • enthusiasts • everyone

The Event

Further information will be published in due course

Aircraft Booking

If you wish to pre-register an interest in bringing a Chipmunk to this event please go here

Old Warden Aerodrome

Details about Old Warden Aerodrome with links to

Following on from the success of the 70th Anniversary Fly In on 22 May 2016, and by kind permission of the Shuttleworth Collection, a Fly In will be held at Old Warden Aerodrome on Saturday 22 May 2021 in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the first flight.

There is much to do, updates will be published here when we have further information.

Please do not contact the Shuttleworth Collection about this event but use the Contact Us form accessible from the menu at the top.

Meet the Team

There are three of us involved so far. Others will be co-opted and arm twisted as and when :-)

Steve Le-Vien


Former ATCO, currently FISO at Old Warden. Wide experience of special events and air displays.

Carol de Solla

Chipmunk Pilot

Pilot since 1992. Chipmunk pilot since 1995. Organiser of Chipmunk gatherings since 2010 at Oshkosh, Panshanger, Old Warden, RIAT and Scampton.

John de Main